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Voix des jeunes femmes


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She’s beautiful when she’s angry is a history-documentary, directed by Mary Dore, which deals with the feminism movement in the United States of America from the late 1960s through the mid 1970s.

Birth control, abortion, sexual harassment, African American women, lesbians’ outtings and equal pay are just some major themes brought up in the movie.

It lets you recognize the battles that have been won by strong and fearless women and which inequalities still have to be fought.

She’s beautiful when she’s angry is a well-deserved appreciation of women and the remarkable way in which they changed the world to the better!

These days, many people still don’t understand that feminism isn’t about letting men and women compete or that the goal is not to let women be any better than men, but to let them cooperate and to have equal rights and possibilities.

Therefore this documentary is a great way to understand why feminism is essential and where it comes from.

So to everyone whose curious and wants to get to know the history and ideal of feminism a little bit better, switch to netflix and enjoy!

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