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If you have ever been a victim of sexual assault, no matter how long ago or how it happened; you deserve help. Here are some links where you can find professional help. We believe in you, you can do this.

- Luxembourg's national domestic violence hotline: Fraentelefon: 12344

- SAVVD Femmes en détresse: 26481862 / savfed@pt.lu

- Specialist services for prostitutes and victims of sexual trafficking: dropin@croix-rouge.lu / traite.humains@visavi.lu / coteh@fmpo.lu

- There are also services available for perpetrators: riichteraus@croix-rouge.lu

- Consultation service for men in distress: info@infomann.lu

If you still need a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, we at Voix de jeunes femmes welcome you with open arms. Send us an email to voixdejeunesfemmeslu@gmail.com and we will do our best to help. (We are NOT certified and NOT professionals, we are just a group of people who want to listen and help).