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April 4, 2018

FEMINISM. Feminism is the idea that men and women deserve the same chances, opportunities and treatment. Feminism is the movement that fights against gender stereotypes, sexism and inequality. However feminism has nothing to do with bashing men or taking away chances and resources from boys to give them to girls. It is quite the opposite actually. Boys and men need feminism just like girls and women do. We need to free every gender from the chains that stereotypes and gender norm have laid upon us so we can thrive as a society and as individuals. Here are just a few examples of why we need feminism for boys.



The World Health Organisation recently published a statistic that said that 2/3 of suicides are male. Close to 800'000 people die of suicide every year which is one person every 40 seconds and a total of 1'462 boys and men per day.

Our world, our health-system, our society has failed those boys. We need to step up our game.


We need to stop telling boys that crying is for girls. How the fuck did we end up in a society where the natural reaction of your body from stubbing your toe on furniture is seen as girly? Do boys not stub their toes on the kitchen table????  

And how did we end up putting genders on emotions? How is it that crying, jealousy or mood swings are seen as girly while anger, violence and self-confidence is associated with men? Don't we all feel those things? Weren't we all mad at the end of "How I met your mother" or crying at the end of "Marley and me"? Aren't we all a little jealous when our partner orders a better entree in the restaurant and aren't we all a little violent at the breakfast buffet?

Let boys cry when they fall on their knees and men when they get their heart broken. Crying is natural, freeing and healing.


We also need to encourage women to join the labour force and we need to fight for equal pay. The incredible responsibility of providing for a family can be tough on men. Even though more and more married women take on careers, they are often paid less, which leaves the men as the primary earner in heterosexual households. This is a feminist problem all in itself but it is also important for men. If women earned as much as men did, couples could more easily share household and work responsibilities. Men could take more time off to be with their families, which is scientifically proven good for mental health. It would also reduce their work-related stress because if something were to happen to their jobs, their partners could have their back.


Sexual Assault

1 out of every 10 rape victims are male. 34% of those males are under the age of 12. In America, an estimated 86'000 inmates are sexually assaulted in prison or jail and 60% of those attacks are done by prison staff. In the military, 43% of female rape victims reported and only 10% of the male victims.

It is hard enough to come out as a female victim because of the rape culture society that we live in. Testimonies are not believed, rape kits are not tested and rapists are not incarcerated. But imagine going through all of this with the fucked up narrative that "Boys want sex all the time". The stereotypes around boys sexuality makes it incredibly hard for men to be taken seriously when they are sexually assaulted. FUCK THAT. No means no, no matter who says it.


Body Image Issues:

In today's Instagram-obsessed world every gender struggles with body image. It is not something that is exclusively a boys' problem but it is addressed way less for boys. How many Cosmo-covers have you seen with men from different sizes, shapes and skin tones who laugh at the camera with a "Love yourself" banner all across the page? Boys struggle too. They are pressured to be tall, fit, acne-free and muscular just as much as girls are pressured to be skinny.

We need to show boys realistic body images on TV, in magazines and in real life so they can feel beautiful and sexy just the way they are.


And last but not least ... HOW THE FUCK IS IT LEGAL TO MAKE BOYS PAY TO ENTER A CLUB WHEN GIRLS GET IN FOR FREE ???????????????? like fuck that could have been 3 shots of tequila but nahh I had to pay entrance????



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