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Md Yesin Ali
Apr 27, 2022
In General Discussions
Rural children born in the 1980s like to play a multi-person rope skipping game. Two children hold the two ends of a hemp Mexico Phone Number List rope and keep shaking it, while dozens of other children take turns jumping on the field. Generally speaking, everyone's eyes are inevitably focused on the children who are skipping rope, so that in the end this often becomes a kind of performance. Children have Mexico Phone Number List invented many exaggerated ways to show off their skipping skills. The most exaggerated is the kind of jumping while People who do somersaults. No one looked at the Mexico Phone Number List two guys who were throwing the rope. What they were doing was doing mechanical movements at a fixed rhythm. But 30 years later, I still believe that the most important people in the game are being ignored. I generally like being the rope slinger because whenever I slow down deliberately, I feel like I'm affecting everyone and everyone else has to struggle to adjust their pace to avoid making mistakes. If I thought the others were too easy, I would increase the speed of the rope swing and Mexico Phone Number List make them scrambling and screaming and cheering. The rope-slinging kids hold the rules, or rather, they have the greatest power in the game: setting the rhythm, and other merry people unknowingly follow your will. Those who decide the ground rules Mexico Phone Number List tend to be mute, and this happens on many occasions. Programmers, for example, define the ground rules of our time, and their preferences and tastes shape us all the time, but they are as silent as children on a rope. People always pay more attention to the limelight. It is easy to attract attention with brilliant words, dramatic expressions and gorgeous Mexico Phone Number List clothes. We are fascinated by businessmen, celebrities and online opinion leaders as icons of the times. But the huge, silent programmers stood on the sidelines and determined our pace. Just pick up your phone and understand. Android and Apple systems, as well as the operating rules, fluency and usage habits of each software, are the things that define the basic framework Mexico Phone Number List of our lives. Going back 10 years, the partitioning of the hard disk and the way files are stored in the Windows system have defined our work habits and even affected the way we think about things. Since the world is so reliant on computers, cell phones, and the Internet, those code writers have held the ropes that drive us. But people with technology are Mexico Phone Number List always alone. Looking back, almost no era or field of rope skipping was dominated by bright, eye-catching people. The designer of the steam locomotive is much more important than the hero of the car, and the performers have to act within the framework of the instrument maker. The most prominent harmonica players are also influenced by the design style of the harmonica factory, in fact they are familiar with the unique characteristics Mexico Phone Number List of a certain harmonica brand and develop their skills according to these characteristics. A more typical example might be in the field of gaming. Not long ago, I read a book called "DOOM Apocalypse", it talks about the earliest 3D game production process, it is very metaphorical. After the code engineers have completed the graphics engine technology necessary for designing 3D games, game designers are busy creating a variety of games based on this basis, and players can perform within the rules set by the game. In the end, most people will cheer for a star player in a game, and few realize that the eccentric coding genius in a filthy office who doesn't speak a word and is tired of socializing is the one who decides it all.

Md Yesin Ali

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