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Apr 20, 2022
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Although Internet finance has achieved some positive developments through the integration of new elements, these new development Tunisia Phone Number List momentum cannot be de-financialized blindly. Finance should return to finance itself to achieve its original roots and forge ahead. Therefore, all Internet financial Tunisia Phone Number List innovations should be based on finance itself. Through this basic focus, the development of Internet finance can have a clearer purpose and a clearer view. All innovations should return to finance itself. One of the most important reasons for the emergence of so many problems in Internet finance is that it places too much emphasis on the role of the Internet. Which has weakened the unique temperament of the original financial industry. So, what exactly is the temperament of the financial Tunisia Phone Number List industry? The main characteristics of the financial industry are safety, stability and high returns. However, the Internet blindly attracts users with high yields, which eventually leads to high yields becoming synonymous with Internet finance, while Tunisia Phone Number List security and stability have become the soft underbelly of Internet finance, which is very unfavorable for Internet finance. Therefore, in the stage of Internet financial innovation, we must adhere to the principle that everything comes from finance and everything returns to finance . Only in this way can finance be called finance, and only in this way can the development of finance be on the right track without Tunisia Phone Number List the risk of derailment . All innovations and the emergence of all new concepts are based on finance, which is the key to the sustainable development of Internet Tunisia Phone Number List finance. It is with financial-based innovation that the financial industry can find more integration points with new technologies and develop more safely and steadily. How can we ensure the "financial" nature of Internet finance? Since focusing on finance is the key to the development of Internet finance, how can we ensure the "financial" nature of Internet finance? In the era of financial technology.


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